Silvia Kelly’s Atelier

An innate gift and a great tenacity: this is how Silvia Kelly has built her trade – from a local artisan workshop up to selling handmade jewellery all over the world. Attention to detail; creative research; inspiration that comes from places, things, and everyday life: through skilful workmanship all those ingredients give birth to unique jewels.
The strength of Silvia Kelly’s atelier lies in people: skilful artisans who share the pleasure of dedicating themselves to an art that respects tradition but is also capable to renew itself – with a continuous research for original designs and materials. Silvia Kelly’s own work best expresses everything that makes the Made in Italy so popular around the world: genius, unique workmanship, quality and aesthetic harmony.

Lake Como

How does a place influence life? Or our story? Or the way we watch, narrate, and create? How would Silvia Kelly’s jewels look like if they weren’t born here, on Lake Como? Living nowhere else but here has influenced our way of being and, therefore, our creativity and our creations. An invisible thread that connects the shapes, colours, movements of our jewels to the shapes, colours, and movements of the water of Lake Como.